Create a page in Horizon


How to create a new page in the page editor.

You can create new pages for your website directly in the Horizon page editor.

To add a new page to your website:

  1. In the left-hand pane, in the content tree, select the page or folder that you want to add the new page under, or select a page or folder at the same level as the new page.

  2. Click the Actions menu The Actions menu icon for the selected page or folder.

  3. Click Create page if you want to create the new page as a subpage to the selected page.

    Click Create page on same level if you want the new page to be on the same level as the selected page or folder.

  4. In the Create page panel, click the template that you want to use.

    The page is created in the content tree.

  5. Edit the name of the new page in the content tree.


    The name you enter when you create a page is its item name. By default, the display name is the same as the item name. You cannot use special characters in the item name, but you can give each language version of the page a different display name, and you can use special characters in the display name.

You can now edit the page by adding text, images, and so on.