Change the icons in tile view


You can customize the icons that are displayed in tile view.

Each commerce entity type has default icons that are configured in Sitecore. For example, Catalog, Custom Catalog, Dynamic and Static Catalog Set, Inventory Catalog, Category, Product, and Variant. The standard values of each template has a ToolsIcon field, and each instance of a template will inherit that value.


By default, Merchandising Manager returns the product image for Categories, Products, and Variants, and will only use the generic product tile icon if no images have been associated with the product. If you want to change the default icon for all catalogs, then change the ToolsIcon field of the Standard Values of the Catalog template.

  1. In the Content Editor, navigate to the catalog that uses the icons you want to change.

  2. Update the ToolsIcon field to point to the location of the new icon you want to use.