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Introduction to integrating Sitecore OrderCloud with Sitecore Discover


An introduction to configuring an integration between Sitecore OrderCloud and Sitecore Discover to provide buyers with tailored search and recommendation experiences.

Integrating Sitecore OrderCloud with Sitecore Discover means you can create personalized search and recommendation experiences for buyers based on commerce events that occur in your OrderCloud marketplace.

The OrderCloud portal lets you configure this integration without the need to write any code.

At a high level, the process for integrating Sitecore Discover search and recommendations with OrderCloud marketplaces is as follows:

  • You determine which user interactions with your OrderCloud marketplace should generate commerce events to trigger search and recommendations experiences in Sitecore Discover.

  • You configure a connection between an OrderCloud marketplace API client and the Sitecore Discover domain.


    You have to configure an API client on the OrderCloud marketplace before you configure the connection to Sitecore Discover.

  • You configure the OrderCloud events in the OrderCloud portal.


See Sitecore Discover documentation for information about configuring search and recommendation experiences.