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Apply an audience template in a triggered experiment


How to to target an experiment at a real-time audience using an audience template instead of JavaScript (Sitecore Personalize).

If you want to target an experiment at a real-time audience but you are not familiar with JavaScript, you can use an audience template. An audience template is saved JavaScript that contains additional conditions that are run in real-time against a guest's current online behavior. If the conditions return true, the experiment runs. You can reuse audience templates and apply them to numerous experiments.

If the creator of the audience template configured a form to display, you can further configure the real-time audience by completing the form. You do not have to write, edit, or view JavaScript.

For example, you might want to trigger a loan offer SMS message to guests who are actively searching on your site for personal loans, while ensuring they are not behind in their mortgage payment for the month. To do this, you can apply an audience template to the experiment that checks in real-time to see if a guest is in arrears, while also taking into account the pages of your organization's website that they are currently visiting (that is, the personal loans informational page).

To apply an audience template:

  1. From the Build screen, in the Audience block, click Add. The Audience slider modal displays.

  2. Click the Real-Time Audience block. The window refreshes. A list of audience templates displays.

  3. Click Add next to the audience template you want to apply. Some audience templates are configured to display a form for you to complete. Complete any or all of the fields on the form, if applicable.

  4.  To save the form, click Save.

  5. To close the form, click Close.

  6. To close the Audience Modal, click the X icon. This returns you to the Build screen.