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Using HTML in a web experiment


Describes using HTML in a web experiment (Sitecore Personalize).

You can use HTML in a variant for an experiment, which is particularly useful for facilitating 1:1 personalization by running dynamic data.

Most variants must also pass guest data to your organization's website, for example, the guest's first name, location, and loyalty number. To do this, you must configure the API response to include the dynamic data so that when the variant executes, the data is requested from the server and then passed to the variant.

You can use handlebars.js to access nested values by index from the API response. For example, you might want to display offers in an experiment that are returned from a decision model. Because the offer is a value that is nested in an array, you must use the array.index or array.{index} handlebars.js syntax.

If the web experiment is configured with a decision model, you can insert attributes returned by the decision model into the HTML.