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Valid for Sitecore 5.3
How can i set "Live" Mode on my site?


How can I set live mode on my site? By "Live" Mode I mean that all changes are reflected on the site immediately after saving items.


Sitecore supports running a web site directly from the master database. This is similar to viewing a site in the Preview interface. Live Mode is useful for sites with a large base of volatile content where the latest version not restricted by workflow status, item or version publishing restrictions should always be visible. Live Mode is also commonly used for intranet sites.

When running in Live Mode, there is no publishing step:

Notice that running in Live mode has caching implications. In general, you cannot cache the output of renderings and web controls when running in Live Mode (the cache is usually cleared when performing publishing operations, but when running in Live Mode users will normally not perform any publishing operations).

Quick-guide to enabling "Live" Mode:

In some setups, you might also have to perform the following two steps