Handling localized content

You can index localized content with some Sitecore Search sources. To index localized content, you extract the content item's locale, like English (US) (en-us) or Japan (Japanese) (ja-jp), and generate a common ID for localized versions of the same content. Then, when you specify the locale context at runtime, you can show locale-specific content to your site visitors.


Ensuring that localized versions of a content piece share the same ID

When you create a source for localized content, you have to ensure that index documents for localized versions of the same content items share the same ID. This means that you have to explicitly configure how to extract the id attribute when you have localized content.

For example, your company's About Us page is available in six locales, including English (US). If you don't configure how to extract the id attribute, Search generates six different IDs for the six About Us index documents. This creates a problem when you configure anything that uses the ID of an index document. For example, many pin rules are based on pinning a content item with a specific ID to a specific slot. If you want to pin About Us, and you use the ID of the English (US) version, only users in the English (US) locale will see that content item pinned. Users in the other five locales will not see a localized version of About Us pinned. To avoid this problem, always ensure that localized versions of the same content have the same ID.

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