Managing content collection and visitor data

On the Content Collection page, in the Customer Engagement Console (CEC), you can access all of the information that Sitecore Search has about your content items, including information about visitor affinities for this content. This includes data supplied from your content sources and content attributes, and visitors affinity data generated, if enabled, by tracking behavior on your site.

Displays the Content Collection page with entity and visitors sections.

The collection page has a section for each entity in your implementation and a section for visitors to your web site.

Entity sections

Each section, named after an entity type, lists your searchable content for that entity in a table format. You can browse page by page, search for specific items using a name or an ID, and explore details of individual items.

Content entity section with list of content items in a table view.

To customize the grid view, click Columns.

To view a snapshot of the entity's performance, click Performance in the top-right corner.


In the Visitors section, on the Visitor Lookup tab, you can search for and view visitor profile information (based on a unique ID), to see when and how the visitor interacted with content items on your website.

The Visitor profile area includes a list of visitor affinities for different content based on defined content attributes. Sitecore Search uses visitor affinity information to generate content recommendations. When a visitor engages with your content, Sitecore Search learns from their behavior and their affinity evolves to better reflect their preferences. The affinity scorecard makes personalization more accurate and relevant over time.


On the CCPA/GDPR Deletion Requests tab, you can also delete visitor profiles.

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