Monitoring performance

The Analytics section of Sitecore Search Customer Engagement Console (CEC) contains many reports to monitor your Search implementation. These reports provide insights into overall performance, and let you drill down to see details about your domains, widgets, keywords, content, and sources.

An integration using Search JS SDK for React populates most events out of the box. The accuracy of the reports depends on event tracking so developers must ensure that all events are tracked when integrating using Search JS Data package, Search JS SDK, or Search APIs.

Tracked events and metrics include searches, visits, views, clicks, and conversions. Following a multi-touch attribution model, Search attributes the metrics to user interactions yielding a variety of data rich metrics and key performance indicators (KPI).

A typical full-screen report contains multiple interactive tables and visualizations like line, pie, and funnel charts. They provide business intelligence on all aspects of your implementation.

The following are some ways you can interact with your reports and data:

  • Change data to regenerate reports.

  • View different full-screen reports using the same data set.

  • Examine the data behind reports.

  • Save data configuration as a customized report.

  • Share reports with others.

  • Schedule delivery of reports by email.

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