Walkthrough: Creating a landing page

In addition to the search results page, you might want to create other landing pages that use different widgets. You can create a Sitecore Search landing page using the Customer Engagement Console (CEC).

This walkthrough describes how to:

  • Set up a page

  • Review the page setup

  • Add a widget to the page

Set up a page

To set up a landing page using the CEC:

  1. In the Customer Engagement Console, on the menu bar, click Pages.

  2. Click Create Page, then click Landing Page.

  3. On the Setup Page tab, fill out the Page Name and Page Variation Name fields, then click Next.

  4. On the URL tab, fill out the PAGE URL field.

  5. Optionally, to make multiple URLs land on the same page, click Add URL once for each additional URL and fill out the PAGE URL field.

  6. Click Next.

Review the page setup

To review your page setup:

  1. On the Review tab of the page creation process, click the arrow icons for each of the cards to expand them.

  2. Review the details for each card for accuracy.

  3. If you have to make any changes, click Prev until you get to the tab where the corrections are required.

  4. When you have made corrections, click Next until you get to the end of the wizard.

  5. Click Save.


After clicking save, you have created a page template, but the page is still empty. Before publishing, you must add at least one widget to the page.

Add a widget to the page

To add a widget to the new page:

  1. On the Page Components tab, click Select Widgets.

  2. From the widget pane on the right, drag the widgets you want to the pane on the left.


    You can filter the list of widgets by type by clicking on an icon on the top of the widget pane.

  3. Optionally, to reorder widgets on the page, drag widget cards up or down in the left pane.

  4. Click Save.

  5. To deploy, click Publish.

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