Working with index documents

You can use the Content Collection page of the Customer Engagement Console (CEC) to manage the lifecycle of your domain's index documents. Through the CEC, you can add, update, duplicate, or delete documents in the index to ensure that your search experience presents the most relevant, up-to-date content possible.

Using the CEC to manage index documents allows you to:

  • Ensure that newly added index documents appear as part of the search experience within a specific widget tied to one source.

  • Immediately update content that can't wait for the next indexing job.

  • Control the visibility of documents to influence search results.

Shows the controls for managing index documents in the CEC.

Adding or editing an index document

When adding or editing an index document in the CEC, it is essential to consider whether the source it is tied to is a Push API source or a crawler source with a schedule.

  • If the index document is tied to a Push API Source - The additions are permanent and will not be overridden by any scheduled content update runs.

  • If the index document is tied to a Crawler Source with a schedule - If the index document comes from a source that is crawled based on a defined indexing schedule, the next scheduled run can override index documents added using the CEC.

For this reason, when editing index documents using the CEC, you have the option to persist your changes and prevent them from being overwritten by the next scheduled run. Allow changes to be overwritten when the source of truth has been updated to reflect the new changes.


In some cases, you might choose to duplicate an index document instead of adding a new one. You might do this, for instance, if you want to create a version of an existing index document for use with a different locale.

Deleting an index document

If you want to use the CEC to remove an index document from search results, you can do so by deleting it. This removes the document from the index, but it will reappear in the index during the next crawl if it still exists in the source of truth. If you want to delete a document from the index permanently, you must also remove it from the source of truth.

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