Add a custom field to a mailing list


How to add fields to your mailing list subscription form.

By default, to sign up for a mailing list, subscribers must fill out Email, Name, and Mobile fields. Sometimes, you might want to add fields to receive more information about your subscribers. For example, to use the recipient's date of birth in your email marketing.

You can use custom fields on a mailing list as personalization tags inside your email campaigns and as criteria by which you can segment your email list. This means you can easily combine the data about the reaction your subscribers have to your newsletters (for example, opens, link clicks) with the data you collect from custom fields, such as subscribers' age and location.

To add a custom field:

  1. On the Sitecore Send dashboard, click Audience, Email lists.

  2. Click the mailing list.

  3. In the menu, click Create custom fields.

  4. Click Add new custom field.

  5. On the New custom field page, fill out the following fields:

    • Field name - enter the name of your custom field.

    • Data type - from the drop-down list, select one of the following:

      • Text - your custom field is a text. This data type can be very useful when you want to place your subscriber's first name, surname, location, and so on inside your email marketing campaign.

      • Date - your custom field is a date. For example, the date of a subscription, an anniversary, a subscriber's birthday.

      • Number - your custom field is a numeric value. For example, when you want to count the number of times a subscriber clicked a link or the number of times your customers have purchased a product from your site.

      • Single Select Dropdown - your custom field if you are asking your subscribers to choose one option from a drop-down list.

      • Checkbox - a custom field that requires subscribers to select Yes or No.

    • Default fallback value - enter the value that appears when the recipient leaves the custom field empty. If you have added a fallback value in your subject line or within your email campaign, that one is used instead.

    • Custom field is required - specify whether you want this field to be obligatory.

    • Custom field is hidden - specify whether you want this field to appear when recipients update their profile.

  6. To save the custom field and add it to your mailing list subscription form, click Save custom field.