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Copy a custom field to a mailing list


Reuse custom fields in different mailing lists.

By default, to sign up for a mailing list, subscribers must fill out Email, Name, and Mobile fields. Sometimes you might want to add fields to receive more information about your subscribers, for example, to use the recipient's date of birth in your email marketing. After you have created a custom field for a mailing list, you can reuse it in a different mailing list.

To copy a custom field:

  1. On the Sitecore Send dashboard, click Audience, Email list.

  2. Click the email list.

  3. On the menu on the left, click Custom fields.

  4. Select the custom field and, in the Select action drop-down list, click Copy to another list.

  5. In the Copy custom field dialog box, click the email list in the drop-down list, and click Continue.


    If the custom field already exists in the target list, it is updated with the custom field of the source list.