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Create a mailing list


How to create a new mailing list and add recipients.

An email marketing list or a mailing list is a collection of email addresses from people who have subscribed to receive your organization's email marketing newsletter campaigns. With a mailing list, you can send bulk email messages to one or multiple email marketing mailing lists.

To create a mailing list:

  1. On the Sitecore Send dashboard, click Audience, Email lists.

  2. In the top right-hand corner, click New and then click Email list.

  3. In the Create new email list dialog box, enter a name and click Create.

  4. To add new recipients to your new list, click Add a member or import recipients.

    You must make your mailing list GDPR compliant.

    In the menu on the left, you can use the following options:

    • Your dashboard - displays the different statistics of your mailing list, custom fields, tags, or your recipient's location.

    • View all members - displays all recipients of your mailing list, as well as their status.

    • Perform bulk actions - lets you import, archive, unsubscribe, or copy recipients from another mailing list.

    • Set your settings - lets you change the opt-in settings of your mailing list and also set an unsubscribe redirect page URL or a consent confirmation landing page.

    • Create custom fields - lets you create or edit custom fields.

    • Segments - lets you create segments or edit existing ones.


    There is no recipient limit for mailing lists. Keep in mind that uploading very large mailing lists might take a while and can make your account pages slow down.