Use the Google contacts plugin


Learn how to import Google contacts using the plugin.

The Google contacts plugin let you send out email marketing campaigns to your Google contacts. You select which mailing list you want to import your Google contacts and the Google contacts plugin will transform the contacts in your Google account into newsletter recipients.

To import google contacts with the plugin:

  1. On the dashboard, on the top right, click Account and click Integrations.

  2. Navigate to the Google contacts plugin and click Select.

  3. On the Select email list dialog box, click the drop down menu, click the name of the mailing list that you want to populate with your Google contacts, and click Continue.

  4. On the Authentication tab, click Connect your Google account.

  5. Enter your Google credentials and click Allow.

  6. On the Data selection tab, select either:

    • No, import everything to import all contacts. If you import all contacts, make sure you have the consent from all those subscribers via the Double Opt-In process. If you do, select the Yes, add them as verified, I do have consent from these members checkbox and click Next.

    • Yes, I want to select from a list to filter the contacts. Select the groups and click Next.

  7. On the Data mapping tab, click each drop-down list and select the custom field that fits best. If you want to map a specific column to a field, toggle the Map to On and click Next. If you have not mapped all the fields, a notification appears asking if you want to ignore any columns that remain unmapped. Click Ignore and continue.

  8. On the Notification tab, select if and how you want to be notified once the import process has been completed and click Import.

  9. A pop-up message informs you that your requested import operation has been successfully queued. To view a report of your import's progress, click Go there.

    Alternatively, go to the Perform bulk actions menu, navigate to Import Members into List and click View reports. The report lists when the import process was started, when it was finished, the numbers of added and updated members.