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Using tags in email lists


How to add tags to your mailing list and group them to allow searching and filtering.

After you have created your email list, you can add tags to members of your list to label members and group them in a way that is relevant to your business or for any internal use. Adding tags also makes it easy to search and filter members of your email list.

Sitecore Send offers two types of tags:

  • Member tags are tags that you manually define and apply directly on a member on an email list or during import of members.

  • Audience discovery tags are tags that Sitecore Send automatically applies to members on your email lists based on information such as purchase probability and interest for category when you connect a website to your account and enable audience discovery. With these tags, you can easily create data-driven¬†segments based on behavioral data.


    For audience discovery to work, you must enable it in your account settings.