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What's new in Sitecore Send


An overview of new features in the latest release

The latest product news and updates to Sitecore Send.

You can use audience discovery to find, organize, and target different groups of customers based on their specific interests, buying intent, and where they are in the sales funnel. These insights can help you to improve the relevancy of your campaigns.

For example, you can:

  • Create targeted campaigns to increase conversions within a specific category

  • Better monitor your products’ popularity

  • Identify new profitable opportunities

  • Increase brand penetration

  • Target buyers loyal to your webshop with new product launches

  • Cross-sell or upsell to another category or within a specific category

  • Swap to an alternative brand within a category

With audience discovery enabled, this information is applied as colored tags on each of your email list members, allowing you to make advanced filtering using these tags as segmentation criteria.

You can create custom segments based on audience discovery tags and use this information to help manage your audience.

Understanding audience discovery

Work with audience discovery


You can now add a Wheel of fortune (WOF) to a form on your landing page or subscription form. By adding a WOF, your audience gets to spin a wheel in a form and win discounts or any offer you have set in exchange for subscribing to your email list.

Wheel of fortune

Add a Wheel of fortune to your subscription form

Add a Wheel of fortune to your landing page

  • Editor redesign

    To improve usability, several improvements have been made to the design of the campaign editor, landing page designer, and subscription form editor. You can see a top menu where you can access different modes and options. In the left pane of the editor, you can access layouts, items, and settings and in the right pane, you can see the layout- or item-specific settings.

    The campaign editor showing the new top menu and panes.

    Working with the campaign editor

    Working with the landing page editor

    Working with the subscription form editor

  • New comments mode

    You can now add comments to an item or a container when you design your campaigns, landing pages, or subscription forms. Using comments mode, you can collaborate with team members by adding and replying to comments and marking them as resolved or unresolved. You are also notified as a team member when another member adds a comment to a design you're working on.

  • Redo option

    You can now restore any actions that were undone in your newsletter, landing page, or subscription form design. (Previously, you were able to undo any action but you had to redo everything manually if you wanted to go back to the previous actions).

    The redo button is placed after the undo button in the top bar.

    The undo and redo buttons.
  • Code mode enhancement

    When you are working on your campaigns, you can now use code mode to get an actual read-only view of the HTML code of your design. This enables you to check the code of your current newsletter template before copying the HTML code and sharing it with others.

    Use code mode in the campaign editor

  • Additional enhancements

    • A help icon, providing easy access to editor-specific documentation Help_icon.png

    • Zoom in and zoom out buttons

    • The ability to resize the right pane