Sitecore Experience Platform

Create a funnel

A funnel is a well-defined sequence of steps that customers are expected to take on your website to realize a business objective. Businesses can create their own funnels. On an e-commerce site, the most obvious one it the checkout funnel, which could be represented as a sequence of pages, page events, or goals, depending on the design of the website.

In the Path Analyzer, funnels let you to analyze the actions and paths that customers take on their way to converting goals and outcomes. You can use personalization, M/V testing, or content testing to optimize these paths and improve conversion rates.

To create a funnel:

  1. Open the Marketing Control Panel and select the Funnels item.

  2. Click Funnel and give the new funnel a suitable name.

  3. In the new funnel item, add a description of the funnel.

  4. In the Sequence field, click Edit and in the Select Items dialog, add the pages that the visitor should visit to complete the business objective that you have defined.

    You must ensure that the pages are listed in the correct order.

    After you have created the funnel, you must push it through the workflow and deploy it.

  5. Click the Review tab and in the Workflow group, click Deploy.