Experience Analytics glossary


Sitecore Experience Analytics glossary of terms with short definitions.

This topic contains a glossary of Sitecore Experience Analytics terms, with short definitions.

A piece of content, for example, a PDF file, images, videos, or downloadable interactive content, that you can use to attract contacts to your website and increase their engagement with your organization.

The average duration of the visit.

A keyword typically used in a search engine that contains a company's name or brand, for example, Sitecore Experience Platform.

A visit from a contact who leaves after only viewing one page.

The percentage of contacts who enter your website and leave after only viewing one page.

A customizable taxonomy tag that allows you to classify your campaigns into meaningful groups, for example, by geographic region or business unit, and that enables you to track how contacts interact with different types of campaign activities.

An action that shows a measurable commitment between a contact and an organization occurring when a contact completes a goal.

The percentage of visitors that achieve a conversion. A conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visits, and multiplying the result by 100.

The number of times an outcome occurs in a visit. (For example, how many goals or outcomes are triggered per visit.)

Something that you can measure about an interaction. (For example, you can measure how many goals were triggered in an interaction.)

The accumulated sum of engagement value points generated by a contact during one or more visits and used in Experience Analytics to determine the degree of commitment exhibited by a contact on a website.

Any page on a website that is a contact’s entry point in a visit.

The last page accessed during a visit, or in a multiwindow browser, that indicates the end of a visit.

A specific recorded measure for a dimension. (For example, between 10 am and 11 am the Register goal was triggered ten times.)

The exchange of communication between a contact and a brand that takes place through one or more channels.

The amount of money associated with an outcome.

The average monetary value per visit.

A search term that comes from a paid search function.

A search term that does not contain a company's name or brand within it, for example, content management system.

A search term that does not come from a paid search function.

A business-significant result of one or more interactions between a contact and your organization, for example, a sales lead or product purchase, and that you can use to quantify your contacts based on the financial value they bring to your organization.

The average number of website pages a visitor views per visit.

A predefined set of profile values used to define personalization rules for particular types of contacts or segments.

An external website that contains a link to the current website.

A classification system that you use to organize marketing activities by applying taxonomy tags to campaigns, goals, and events in the Marketing Control Panel.

The length of time that a contact spent on a given page.

The average engagement value generated per visit. This value can be used to determine the effectiveness of a campaign.

All the actions that a visitor takes from the moment they enter a website until the moment they leave and that consists of all the pages viewed, and resources consumed, such as campaigns triggered and conversions achieved.