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Change the styling of a form


Set CSS styles for form elements.

You can add styling to your forms, for example, to use the colors and fonts of your company branding.

Besides the HTML styles that you can add to texts, you can also set CSS styles for all form elements. You can define the CSS class for both a field and a label.

To change the style of a form:

  1. Click the form field that you want to style.

  2. In the Form elements pane, in the Styling section, in the CSS class field, enter the class for the field.

    For example, to color the Submit button, use the .btn-success class:

  3. In the CSS class for label field, enter the class for the label.

    For example, to indent the checklist buttons, use the .checkbox-inline class:



    We recommend that you preview the form before publishing it on the website. The way the form displays in the Forms application might not reflect the actual styling of the form on the webpage.