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Edit and delete a form


Learn how to change and delete a form.

You use forms to collect information about your website visitors. The Sitecore Forms application enables you to build a form quickly. You can edit your form at any time. Occasionally, you may want to delete a form.

This topic describes the basics of how to:

You can change the name, the form fields, and the styles of a form at any time.

To edit an existing form:

  1. On the Forms dashboard, click All forms or My forms, and click the form that you want to edit.

  2. To open the form for editing, either click the title or click the drop-down arrow, and then click Edit.



    If you edit a form that is in use on a web page, you must republish the item in Sitecore to see the changes.

Inevitably, you will want to delete a form from time to time.


You cannot delete a form that is being used or referenced on a web page.

To delete an existing form:

  1. On the Forms dashboard, click Allforms or Myforms, and click the form that you want to delete.


    To delete several forms at the same time, select the forms that you want to delete in the upper-left corner.

  2. Click the drop-down arrow and click Delete.

  3. Click OK to the confirmation message that appears.