Switch between the versions of an item


Get a quick overview of all the versions of an item.

If there is more than one version of an item, or more than one language version of an item, you can get an overview of all the versions available and quickly switch between them.

To switch to another versions or language version of an item:

  1. In the Content Editor or the Experience Editor, navigate to the relevant item or page.

  2. To view a list of all the item versions available in the selected language:

    • In the Content Editor, click Version number E9D7D177E1A441B9855DA9070B6E6A36.png in the upper-right corner of the content area.

    • In the Experience Editor, in the Versions group, click Versions.

  3. Click the version that you want to view.


    If the version you click is not the most recent publishable version available within the date that is specified on the Experience tab in the Experience Editor, a notification appears to inform you which version is the latest publishable version.

  4. To view the language versions of the item:

    • In the Content Editor, click Language version AB25380771B4440A9E47CFABE3CC3596.png in the upper-right corner of the content area:

    • In the Experience Editor, on the Versions tab, in the Language group, click Change the current language 3350CA217BA641D7B2FE1F22735C0282.png.

  5. To switch to another version, click the relevant version in the Version number or the Language drop-down menus.