Manage contact lists and sources


How to manager contact lists and sources.

The List Manager enables you to efficiently manage contact information added or imported from different sources (including custom sources) and systems such as the Email Experience Manager or through Marketing Automation. The origin of the included lists or sources is displayed in the Included lists and sources section. It is from this section that you remove obsolete sources and add new sources. 


Included lists and sources are updated when you:

  • Upload contacts from a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file.

  • Add contacts using the Add new contacts dialog box.

  • Include contacts from another contact list.

  • Convert a segmented list to a contact list.

  • Add contacts from the Email Experience Manager.

  • Add contacts through Marketing Automation.

To manage contact lists and sources:

  1. On the Sitecore Launchpad, click List Manager.

  2. Select the contact list that you want to view included lists and sources for.

  3. In the Included lists and sources section, click the drop-down arrow next to the section heading.

  4. To add a source, click Add source, select the list you want to include, and click OK.


    To remove a source from the Included lists and sources section, select it in the table, click the drop-down arrow and click Remove source.

  5. To import a list of contacts from a CSV file, click Add source from CSV file, browse to the CSV file, and click Open.

  6. In the Import Contacts wizard, on the Upload tab, confirm the upload, and click Next if required.

  7. On the Map tab, to use the email address as the identifier for the contact, clear the Manually map contact identifiers check box.

  8. To use the default List Manager identifiers, clear the Manually map contact identifier sources check box.

  9. Map each field to the corresponding Sitecore field and click Next.

  10. Review the summary and click Finish.


To exclude the contacts referenced by a particular source, click the drop-down arrow in the Included lists and sources section and click Exclude source. Select the list to exclude it and click OK.