Architecture overview

Current version: 21.6

The Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDK (JSS) is part of the headless development suite of Sitecore products, created to enable modern development workflows and application architecture.

Sitecore integration and data flow

Applications created with JSS consume Sitecore content and personalization delivered by Sitecore Experience Edge for XM, as well as other Sitecore and third-party APIs that provide RESTful or GraphQL API endpoints.

Sitecore Integration and Data Flow

JSS components overview

JSS contains:

  • Core SDK functionality for retrieving Sitecore data from various Sitecore services and APIs to facilitate working with Sitecore data and layout in JavaScript.

  • SDKs that facilitate building JavaScript applications with some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. They help render Sitecore dynamic placeholders, providing components and helpers for rendering Sitecore fields, while the layout and field values remain editable by authors.

  • Sample applications for every supported JavaScript framework, to help developers scaffold an application for getting and showing Sitecore data.

  • Developer tooling and utilities.

Essential use cases supported by JSS applications

JSS supports the following core categories of architecturally significant use cases:

For more specific technical information, refer to Features and capabilities of JSS.

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