Create a JSS project for the latest versions of JSS and Sitecore

Current version: 21.6

The tooling provided by JSS helps you create a JSS application for the newest version of Sitecore.

To develop a JSS application, you must have:

  • An operating system supported by Node (Mac, Windows, Linux).

  • Node. We recommend using the latest long-term support (LTS) release.


To run a JSS application in production or develop using Sitecore data you must connect your application to a Sitecore instance with the Headless Services module.

Sitecore requires Windows, but the Sitecore instance does not have to be local. You can use a Sitecore instance installed in a virtual machine or on a remote server.

To create a JSS project:

  1. In a terminal, invoke the JSS app initializer using the following command and answer the questions when prompted:

    npx create-sitecore-jss

    For alternative commands and details, see the documentation for the JSS app initializer .

  2. Change the directory to your application folder:

    cd my-first-jss-app
  3. Install the JSS CLI globally.

  4. Start the development server:

    jss start

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