Features and capabilities of JSS

Current version: 21.6

To assist developers in creating modern, cross-platform, scalable, and performant front-end applications powered by Sitecore data, Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDK (JSS) comes with:

  • An easy-to-use initializer that guides you through creating a JSS application.

  • Node-based commands and scripts to help you work with the applications.

  • A core JavaScript package for leveraging Sitecore Headless Services and Sitecore Experience Edge endpoints using REST or GraphQL.

  • Abstractions for front-end developers that allow working with Sitecore declaratively.

  • Utility functions and front-end components that abstract away the complexities of fetching dynamic Sitecore data.

  • Dedicated SDK Next.js version 12 and later, with an application template that supports personalization and analytics in XM cloud.

    Frameworks like Next.js reduce development overhead and standardize development patterns.

  • A workflow for working connected to a Sitecore instance. Front-end and back-end development teams can work in parallel.

  • A limited set of opinions about framework-specific tooling, allowing developers to leverage best-in-class, familiar tools for code optimization, theming and styling, display of dictionary data, search engine optimization, and so forth.

  • Quick setup of development environments using officially supported application samples. The application samples include examples documenting how to use each framework-specific SDK.

  • Multiple rendering options - applications created with any framework-specific SDKs can be rendered server-side for improved search engine optimization using framework capabilities (Next.js) or tooling provided by JSS. For Next.js applications, developers can use static generation, incremental regeneration, and hybrid rendering.

  • Support for integrating advanced Sitecore editors, retaining content and layout management, and preview capabilities.

  • Support for multilingual applications, taking advantage of Sitecore language versioning, localized routes, and language defaults.

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