Components in JSS apps

Current version: 22.0

A JSS component is just a regular front-end component. These components are defined just like any standard component in your library of choice.

Unlike regular JavaScript components, JSS components have properties that contain the content data. When working connected to a Sitecore instance, in development or production, the data comes from Sitecore endpoints. When working without access to a Sitecore instance, you mock the content using local YAML or JSON files.

JSS components are also dynamically bound to routes. You must never directly instantiate or render a component because the JSS infrastructure handles instantiation based on layout data.

Every rendering in a Sitecore page that you render in a JSS app must have a corresponding component in the JSS app. The component must be added to the route by name. This enables JSS to register the component with Sitecore and provide appropriate infrastructure to give it the content that it needs to render. The data structure of the component is based on fields defined in the data template of the Sitecore rendering.

For information about working with JSS components, refer to the following topics:

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