Fetch layout data with the JSS GraphQL Layout Service

Current version: 22.0

You can fetch layout data from Sitecore using GraphQL and the JSS GraphQLLayoutService class.

To fetch layout data with the JSS GraphQL Layout Service:

  1. In a layout-service.ts file, create and configure an instance of the GraphQLLayoutService class using :

    import {GraphQLLayoutService} from '@sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss';
    import config from 'temp/config';
    import clientFactory from 'lib/graphql-client-factory';
    export const layoutService = new GraphQLLayoutService({
          siteName: config.sitecoreSiteName,
          GraphQL endpoint may reach its rate limit with the amount of Layout and Dictionary requests it receives and throw a rate limit error.
          GraphQL Dictionary and Layout Services can handle rate limit errors from the server and attempt a retry on requests.
          For this, specify the number of retries the GraphQL client will attempt. 
          It will only try the request once by default.
            (process.env.GRAPH_QL_SERVICE_RETRIES && parseInt(process.env.GRAPH_QL_SERVICE_RETRIES, 10)) ||
  2. In the file where you want to fetch the data, import and use your new layout service instance:

    import { layoutService } from './layout-service';
    const language = 'en';
    layoutService.fetchLayoutData(language).then(data => {
        // do something with the data

You can pass a formatLayoutQuery option to your GraphQLLayoutService instance to override the default query. See the GraphQLLayoutServiceConfig type for details.

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