Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDK scripts and commands reference

Current version: 22.0

During JSS development, you commonly use scripts and commands provided by the JSS CLI or defined in your application's package.json file. These scripts and commands can be run from within a JSS application in your command-line tool of choice (bash, PowerShell, cmd, and so on).

In the root directory of your JSS app, run jss --help and jss <command> --help for application-specific arguments.

In applications created based on official application samples, in the package.json file, you have a set of scripts specific to the application. You can run them in a command-line tool with the npm CLI utility provided by Node.js.

jss start:connected

A script defined in the package.json file of your JSS app that starts the application in connected mode, where it connects to XM Cloud to retrieve the layout data and content but still runs locally.

jss start:production

Defined in your application's package.json file, this script performs the necessary steps for running a production build of your application. Commonly, the script executes tasks such as bootstrapping configurations, building your code for production, and starting the application server.

If you have installed the JSS CLI globally, you can run the script with the following command:


jss start:production

Alternatively, you can run the script with the npm run command:


npm run start:production

jss scaffold

Use this command to scaffold components in JSS apps in your application's default components directory or on a specified relative path.

jss environment

Prints the value of an environment variable.

The command accepts the following parameters:



Value type


The name of the environment variable to print.


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