The FEaaSComponent and FEaaSWrapper components

Current version: 22.0

The FEaaSComponent and the FEaaSWrapper components help you render Front End as a Service (FEaaS) Components added to pages through the XM Cloud Pages WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing tool in your headless Next.js JSS application,

The FEaaSWrapper component lets you use the FEaaSComponent component in Next.js by providing the required properties for the component.

The FEaaSWrapper component, provided by the nextjs-sxa add-on, implements component-level data-fetching functions (getStaticProps/getServerSideProps) and passes the necessary data to the FEaaSComponent.


To render the FEaaSComponent component on the client-side only, remove the component data-fetching functions from the FEaaSWrapper component.

The component internally constructs the endpoint URL for fetching the component markup and styles, and prepares the rendering parameter such as:

  • The endpoint hostname.

  • The component's library ID.

  • The component version.

  • The component ID.

  • The component revision.

The component revision is resolved dynamically. Unless overridden through rendering parameters, the component will use the staged revision in editing preview and published revision on the live site. If the appropriate revision for the current context is missing, the component will not be displayed.

You can override the revision manually by setting the revision in the Component Revision rendering parameter field in Sitecore:

Screen for FEaaS Component control properties, showing a Component Revision override.

The revision you specify in the Component Revision field will be rendered in editing, preview, and live mode.

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