Sitecore Cloud SDK reference

Current version: 0.3

The topics in this section describe all the available Cloud SDK functions, how to troubleshoot common errors, and release notes.

The Cloud SDK consists of the events and the personalize packages, and each package consists of a browser module containing browser-side functions, and a server module containing server-side functions.


In your JSS Next.js application, you can only use the browser-side functions of the Cloud SDK, available in the browser modules.

Each module contains functions, described in the Cloud SDK reference using JSS Next.js as well as standalone Next.js code examples. We recommend that you:

  • Use the JSS Next.js code examples to implement Cloud SDK functionality in your JSS Next.js app.

  • Refer to the Next.js code examples to understand how each Cloud SDK function works behind the scenes, in the context of a standalone Next.js app.

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