Preparing for development with the Cloud SDK

Current version: 0.3

Before you can use the Cloud SDK, make sure that you have a compatible app and that your development environment is ready.

Checking compatibility

To use the Cloud SDK, you need an XM Cloud or XM Cloud Plus subscription and an XM Cloud project. This project must be created from the XM Cloud foundation template running JSS version 21.6.0 or later and be deployed on XM Cloud.

Preparing your development environment

The XM Cloud foundation template includes an XM Cloud instance and a JSS Next.js front-end application with the JSS XM Cloud add-on.

To prepare your development environment, make sure to connect your JSS Next.js front-end app to the Experience Edge endpoint. This involves setting environment variables in the sxastarter rendering app, for example, your Context ID and site name, which are required for the Cloud SDK to work.

After connecting to the Experience Edge endpoint, all your development work with the Cloud SDK will take place in the sxastarter rendering app inside the JSS Next.js front-end app.

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