Add a language version to an SXA site

If your website is an SXA site, you can use a built-in script to create a new language version of the entire website. All site items and field values are copied from the source language to the target language. Alternatively, you can create language versions of individual items manually.

Before you begin
  • Make sure that the target languages have been added to your environment. You add languages to the sitecore/System/Languages item.


If you have defined standard values for your data templates under a site, the standard values are also created in the new language version.

To add a language version to a website:

  1. In the Content Editor, right-click the site item, and then click Scripts > Add Site Language.

  2. In the Add language to the site dialog, in the Existing Language field, enter the source language and in the New Language field, enter the target language.

    Add language to the site dialog box
  3. Click OK to start the script. All site items now have new versions in the target language.

  4. To view your site in a different language, on the Versions tab, in the Language group, select the language you're interested in.

    View your site in another language version in the Content Editor

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