Add and configure a device in Pages

In the Content Editor, there is a set of default devices, for example, Desktop Regular and Mobile, and device settings that control what pages look like in the Pages preview depending on the platform used to access the pages. The settings are:

  • The width of the device.


    The device width is different from device breakpoints that control the responsiveness of the website. Breakpoints are defined by the grid system.

  • Device display options.

  • Device icons.

  • The default device.

Device layouts available in the Pages app

You can add and configure additional devices, or configure already existing devices.

To add and configure a device:

  1. In the content tree, navigate to /sitecore/system/Settings/Foundation/Experience Accelerator/Horizon/Devices.

  2. To add a device, right-click Devices, click Insert > Device, and enter a name. Alternatively, select an existing device that you want to configure.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Specify the following fields:

    • Device width - set the width of the simulated device in Pages. The unit of measure is pixels.

    • Visibility:

      • Disabled - make this type of device unavailable for selection.

      • Fixed - make this type of device available for selection at the top of the content area.

      • Optional - make this type of device available for selection from a list at the top of the content area.

    • Icon - browse to select an image for the device from the media library, or enter a path to an image.

  5. To set the default device, click the root item, Devices, and, in the Default field, select a device.


For information about using the Pages app, see Working with Pages.

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