Add the Manage items section to Pages for a custom SXA component


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To enable content authors to add or remove items from a custom SXA component in XM Cloud Pages, you make the Manage items section available in the right-hand side panel. This involves doing the following:

  • Add the _HorizonDatasourceGrouping template to the data source template of the custom component.

  • To enable users to add items, create at least one insert option for the data source.

To add the Manage items section to Pages for your custom component:

  1. In the content tree, navigate to sitecore/Templates/Feature and locate the data source template of your custom component.

  2. In the content area, click the Content tab.

  3. In the Base template field, navigate to Templates/Foundation and expand the Horizon folder.

    Add base template to custom SXA component to make the Manage items section appear in Pages.
  4. Double-click the _HorizonDatasourceGrouping template to add it to the data source template.

  5. In the data source template, create a Standard values item, unless it already exists.

  6. In the content area, scroll down to the Insert options field and click Edit.


    If the Insert options field is not visible, on the ribbon, on the View tab, select the Standard fields check box.

  7. In the Select Items window, for each type of item that you want users to be able to add in Pages, add the required template.

  8. Save your changes. Now you can open a page that uses the custom component in Pages and verify that the Manage items section has been added on the right-hand side panel.

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