Change the SXA GUI language

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) lets users select a language in which to display the graphical user interface (GUI). By default, the SXA GUI displays in English. To provide business users the ability to display SXA in other languages, you must download the SXA client translation files and import the new language into the Sitecore Experience Platform installation.

To download and install an SXA language file:

  1. Log in to Sitecore as an administrator and open the Sitecore Desktop.

  2. Switch to the core database, and check if the language you are going to import is available in the database.

  3. If the language is not available, open the Control Panel and then click LocalizationAdd a new Language and add the required language.


    If you add the Danish language, leave the Country/Region Code field empty. Do not enter DK.

  4. Download the client translation file from the appropriate download page.

  5. In Windows Explorer, unzip the file to the /sitecore modules folder on a Sitecore instance.

    Every .zip file contains an items folder and a localization folder. You can copy these folders to the /sitecore modules folder on the Sitecore instance without making any additional changes and all the required files are added in the appropriate places.

  6. In IIS, restart the Sitecore instance.

  7. In the Control Panel, in the Localization group, click Import languages, select the texts.sxa.da-[LANG].xml file, and import it.

  8. In the Control Panel, in the My Settings group, click Region and language options and select the language that you just imported.

  9. Log in to Sitecore again. You can now see the client in this language.

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