Deploy your changes to an environment

After you make changes to your locally running content management instance, you can use the Sitecore Command Line Interface (CLI) to upload your changes to an existing XM Cloud environment.

To deploy and upload your solution to the XM Cloud environment:

  1. In the project working directory, in a command-line window, run the following command:

    dotnet sitecore cloud deployment create --environment-id <environment-id> --upload
  2. When the deployment completes, navigate to the XM Cloud CM instance and review all the artifacts deployed to the targeted XM Cloud Environment.

The default value for the --upload command parameter is the current working directory. When providing the argument, everything in the directory is packaged and deployed to XM Cloud unless specified in a .gitignore file.

To use another folder, use the --upload parameter and provide the path to another directory with the --working-dir (-dir) parameter. For example:

dotnet sitecore cloud deployment create --environment-id <id> --no-start --no-watch --upload --working-dir <path>

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