Optimizing the performance of JSS apps

Performance optimization in JSS is a complex topic because different optimizations can be enacted at each stack layer. Optimizing performance is not a front-end problem, a back-end problem, or a DevOps problem. Each department building and deploying a JSS application must analyze its slice of the stack and work together to adhere to a performance budget.


When considering solutions for how to optimize the performance of your JSS applications, we recommend the following:

  • Avoid using JavaScript Renderings. This type of rendering initializes a new Node instance for each rendering and can noticeably influence load times.

  • Minimize requests to the server.

  • Follow the performance optimization guides for your chosen front-end framework.

  • Follow performance best practices in the browser layer.

  • Enable Keep-Alive for your web server.

  • Consider infrastructure performance improvements where possible (using Node clusters and assigning resources clearly to avoid unexpected results).

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