Request a JWT for the Authoring and Management API or the XM Cloud Deploy API

To run any operation with the Sitecore Authoring and Management GraphQL API or the XM Cloud Deploy API, obtain an authentication token in JSON Web Token (JWT) format and include it in every call to the API.

For authorization, the Sitecore Authoring and Management API and the XM Cloud Deploy API use the OAuth authorization framework.

Before you begin

Before you can request a JWT, you need to create client credentials to get a client ID and client secret. The type of credentials, depend on which API you want to access.

Request a JWT

To request a JWT for the XM Cloud Deploy API or the Authoring and Management API:

  • Make a POST request to the following OAuth endpoint:

    Include the following properties in the body of the JWT request:







    The client ID of your automation client.


    The client secret of your automation client.

If your request is successful, you receive the access_token, token_type, and expires_in values.

You can use the access token to authorize requests to the Authoring and Management API or the XM Cloud Deploy API.


Pay attention to the expires_in property of the response because JWTs typically expire in 24 hours. After that time, the token is invalid and you must request a new token.


For the following cURL example, the data is encoded as form data. Therefore the POST request must specify the Content-Type request header with the value application/x-www-form-urlencoded .

Run the following POST request using a cURL client:

curl --request POST --url "" --header "content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" --data audience= --data grant_type=client_credentials --data client_id=<your-client-id> --data client_secret=<your-client-secret>

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