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Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud


A headless content management system, the foundation for a composable digital experience platform (DXP) centered around content

Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud, or XM Cloud, is a headless content management system that is a foundation for a composable digital experience platform (DXP) centered around content.

XM Cloud includes the latest versions of Experience Manager, Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), Headless Services, Sitecore Next.js SDK, Experience Edge, and the Pages content editor. Because XM Cloud is a SaaS solution, Sitecore takes care of hosting, monitoring, and maintenance so you can focus on creating new functionality and integrating other composable solutions.

Much of the functionality in XM Cloud will be familiar to developers who have previously worked with Sitecore Experience Manager or Sitecore Experience Platform.

You can deploy XM Cloud in two ways:

  • Using the Deployment App - create a project using the starter kit or your existing source code. With this approach, you host your code repository on GitHub.

  • Using the Sitecore CLI - useful when you have a pre-existing XM Cloud-compatible solution with the repository hosted on version-control platforms other than GitHub or you prefer a CLI-based workflow.

The Sitecore Cloud Portal lets you see what Sitecore applications and subscriptions are available to your organization and switch between different apps. You can also switch between different organizations if you belong to more than one.

You use the portal to configure users, roles, and teams.

During XM Cloud development, you can use the Sitecore Cloud portal to see which XM Cloud instances are running.

You can use any front-end stack to build client applications if the technology you choose can:

  • Consume JSON-formatted layout and content data.

  • Use libraries for interacting with the Edge Delivery GraphQL endpoint.

The possible options include Blazor, ASP.NET Core, JavaScript, and more.

If you choose JavaScript, we recommend building client solutions with the Next.js Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDK (JSS).

The Next.js SDK provides the best support for integrating with Experience Editor and Pages and ensures the best compatibility with upcoming features, such as SXA Headless components. A starter kit is currently available that includes an XM Cloud instance and a JSS Next.js application configured to render data from an XM Cloud instance. You can use the starter kit to set up a local development environment and perform an initial deployment.

XM Cloud publishes and serves content exclusively to Experience Edge. The Edge for XM Connector is preconfigured as part of the XM cloud solution. Edge is a content delivery network (CDN) that uses a set of GraphQL libraries, which your front-end application uses to retrieve content.

Sitecore Pages allows content authors to build the content for their websites. Pages is a foundation for Sitecore's composable and headless solutions and is intended as the editor of choice for XM Cloud, even though Content Editor and Experience Editor are still available. Pages includes personalization and analytics capabilities and an embedded component builder.