Sitecore Module Explorer

Sitecore Module Explorer lets you navigate Sitecore Content Serialization configuration files as items in a tree structure:

Illustration showing Sitecore Module Explorer navigating the Sitecore Content Serialization configuration files of a Sitecore Headless Development project.

The Sitecore Module Explorer displays two buttons at the top:




Refreshes the tree structure.

Watch Enabled/Disabled

Turns Sitecore Content Service automatic serialization on and off.

The tree structure in its initial state displays the following items:



Sitecore Configuration Root

Represents the sitecore.json project root configuration file.


Contains all the configured modules that can be located by following the glob paths defined in the sitecore.json file.


Contains all the environments defined in the user.json file.

You can double-click the items to edit them in a Visual Studio form or in the Visual Studio text editor. You can also right-click the items to open their context menus. Any item that is contained in a .json file has a View Code option in its context menu that lets you view and edit the raw file content.

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