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What's new in Sitecore XM Cloud


New features and changes released to Sitecore XM Cloud.

Row and column splitters in Pages

March 22, 2023

You can now use row and column splitters in Pages to divide your page content into rows and columns. This includes:

Use FEaaS components in XM Cloud Pages

March 21, 2023

The Components tab of XM Cloud Pages now lists the components created and edited in XM Cloud Components.

Screenshot of XM Cloud Pages showing the FEaaS components available in the left-hand pane

To correctly display FEaaS components on the page canvas of XM Cloud environments built before March 21st, an XM Cloud administrator or developer must update the @sitecore-jss NPM packages in the Next.js application to version 21.0.8 or later. Additionally, developers need to manually update/integrate changes from the updates application templates in their application.

Enhanced command for cleaning up database items in .dat files

March 20, 2023

Version 5.1.28 of the Sitecore CLI Items as Resources plugin introduces new parameters for the sitecore itemres cleanup command that allow you to force and/or simulate database cleanup operations.

Multisite support for JSS Next.js applications

March 20, 2023

You can add multisite support to your JSS Next.js applications with the Next.js Multisite add-on.

Release of XM Cloud Components in Early access

March 17, 2023

XM Cloud Components is a Front End as a Service application that lets you create your brand’s style guide and build visual components for your website.  With XM Cloud Components, anyone can create new components or import and edit existing components in an intuitive WYSIWYG editor and easily deliver them across devices and channels.   

XM Cloud Components consists of two major functionalities:

  • the Styles library lets you design and save on-brand style rules that can easily be reused by anyone in your team to ensure the visual consistency of your web pages.

  • the Components builder lets you create a component from scratch or import a React component in the builder to build and style it further in just a few clicks. You can create static components or map dynamic data to your component using various data sources, including Content Hub ONE. You can also easily create responsive components for different device types.

Screenshot of the XM CLoud Components builder with themes from the Styles library available in the right-hand pane

With XM Cloud Components, content authors, UX designers, and marketers can work in parallel to speed up the process of creating on-brand digital experiences for their customers.

Terminology change: tenant renamed to site collection

March 16, 2023

To enhance comprehensibility, Sitecore has changed the term tenant to site collection throughout the user interface and documentation in cases where the term refers to a parent item that holds multiple sites.

Experience Edge plugin for Sitecore CLI

March 6, 2023

A new Sitecore CLI plugin for Experience Edge provides commands for logging in, listing and choosing tenants, and managing API keys for accessing the GraphQL endpoint.

Versions and tags in Pages

February 13, 2023

  • You can now manage your content - pages and content items - using versions. You can also schedule the times at which to publish a specific content version. Versioning gives you control of your site content. Use versioning to create drafts, restore old versions, and create time-sensitive content that will go live on a schedule.

  • You can now tag pages and content items in Pages and the Content Editor. Using tags to organize content can help you to find items or pages quickly.


February 8, 2023

  • You can now create and assign site identifiers. Site identifiers allow you to use Analyze and Personalize features in XM Cloud Pages.

  • Additional information is now available in the developer settings, allowing site developers to configure web apps to connect to the Personalize back end.

Sitecore CLI plugin for XM Cloud

January 26, 2023

New waitForPostActions command in the XM Cloud plugin. When set to false, the deployment PostActions status and progress information doesn't display in real-time in the CLI, allowing you to regain control of the terminal.

Vercel connector

January 26, 2023

The XM Cloud Vercel connector is now available in the deploy app and in the Vercel marketplace. If you use Vercel to run and host websites, this connector allows you to deploy and publish your website to Vercel quickly and easily.

Site insights with Pages Analyze

January 23, 2023

You can now view various traffic metrics about individual pages and page variants in the Analyze dashboard, giving you insights into their performance.

Local development with Pages

January 23, 2023

When developing locally, you can now connect Sitecore Pages to your local XM Cloud instance. This allows developers to check how components run in the hosted Pages application before deploying them.

Deploy API and CLI

December 7, 2022

  • Support for environment variables in the deploy API and CLI gives you greater control over your environment settings, including CM and rendering host variables. The deploy API documentation can be found here. While this functionality already exists in the deploy app UI, we have now added the option of controlling environment variables using APIs and the CLI. This is useful when your solution includes integrations and connections with other systems, and simplifies managing and automating the settings that control those integrations through APIs and the CLI.

  • The /api/environments/v1/{environmentId} environments list endpoint is now accessible to a content management admin user.