Add a Column Splitter component

The Column Splitter component lets you add structure to your pages by dividing the pages into columns. You can add up to eight columns. The Column Splitter component is only a placeholder for other components and cannot hold any content alone. For example, to add text to a specific column, first you must add the Rich Text component to the column.


This topic describes how to use the Column splitter component in the Experience Editor. However, you can also use the component in Pages.

To add the Column Splitter component to a page:

  1. In the Experience Editor, open the page, and then open the toolbox.

  2. From the Page Structure section, drag and drop the Column Splitter component on the placeholder that you want to add the component to. While dragging, the placeholder turns blue.

    Alternatively, you can click the Component button on the HOME tab to open the Select a rendering dialog box.

  3. In the floating toolbar, click Add a new column at the end of the splitter. To see the column you just added, click somewhere below the toolbar. A new toolbar appears.

    The toolbar of the Column Splitter component
  4. To add an additional column, click Add a new column.

  5. To move a column to a different location, use the arrow buttons.

  6. To add a component to a column, select the column and then click Add here.

    The toolbar of an individual column

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