Add a Page Content component


Use the Content Editor for the steps described in this topic.

The Page Content component lets you to drag and drop content that is associated with the current page. By default, content from the Content field is inserted on the page. With component variants, you can select different types of page content from a list.

Before you start

To be able to select different types of page content, component variants must be configured for the Page Content component.


To add the Page Content component:

  1. Open the toolbox.

  2. From the Page Content section, drag and drop the Page Content component on the placeholder that you want to add the component to. If you have entered text in the Content field in the Content Editor, the text is added to the page.

  3. To insert a different type of page content:

    • Click inside the component to make the floating toolbar appear, click the down arrow, and then Page Content.

      The floating toolbar.
    • in the Variant list, select the component variant you want.

      The Variant list.
  4. To insert page content from a different data source:

    • In the floating toolbar, click More, and then Edit component properties.

    • In the Control Properties dialog box, in the General section, click Browse to select a different page. Click OK. Content from the selected page is added to the current page.

  • If you point the data source to another page, the component uses fields from that page instead.

  • If you use the Page Content component in a partial design, you can render fields from any page.

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