Add a Rich Text component


Use the Experience Editor for the steps described in this topic.

You can add the Rich Text component to your pages. This allows you to add and format text in the Rich Text Editor.

To add the Rich Text component to a page:

  1. Open the toolbox.

  2. From the Page Content section, drag and drop the Rich Text component on the placeholder that you want to add the component to. While dragging, the placeholder turns blue.

    Alternatively, you can click the Component button on the HOME tab to open the Select a rendering dialog box.

  3. To edit or add text, click the text below the flowing toolbar and start typing, or click Edit the text to open the Rich Text Editor.

    Edit the text in the Rich Text Editor.
  4. The Rich Text Editor lets you format your text. Click Accept to add the text to the page.

    Rich text editor

When you add your text and HTML markup, the text is stored in a data source item under the Data folder of the page in the Content Editor:

The Data folder is a hidden folder. To view it, on the ribbon, in the View section, select the Hidden items check box.

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