Add a tag to an item

Tagging your items is a great way to categorize them and make it easy to search and find items that have the same tag. In particular, when you have potentially millions of items in an item bucket, using tags can be the quickest way to find your items.


To search for items with a specific tag, you can use the search filter Search by Tag in the Sitecore search functionality.

Add a tag to a single item in the Content Editor

To add a tag to an item:

  1. In the Content Editor, in the content tree, go to the item that you want to add a tag to.

  2. On the Content tab, find and expand the Tagging section.


    If you do not see the Tagging section, click the View tab and, in the View group, select the Standard fields check box.

  3. In the Tagging section, in the list of all the available tags on the left, you can either search for a specific tag in the search field or select a tag manually. You can use SHIFT or CTRL to select multiple tags.

    The Tagging section on an item in the Content Editor

    Your Sitecore administrator specifies the tags that are available to you.

  4. When you have selected the relevant tags for the item, click the right arrow to move them to the list of selected tags.

  5. To remove tags from the Selected list, click the left arrow or double-click a tag to move it from one field to the other.

  6. Save your changes.

Add a tag to multiple items using the search operation

To add a tag to multiple items at the same time using the search operation:

  1. In the Content Editor or the Experience Editor, create a search for the items that you want to add a tag to.

  2. When all the relevant items are listed in your search results, click the drop-down arrow to the left of the Search field.

  3. In the drop-down menu, click Search Operations and then click Add Tag.

  4. In the Insert Sitecore Item dialog box, in the content tree, navigate to the tag that you want to add to all your search results or click List view  to search for the tag.

    The Insert Item dialog box
  5. To add the tag to all the items listed in your search, click Insert.

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