Add a Title component


Use the Experience Editor for the steps described in this topic.

The Title component displays the title or subtitle of the current page. You can add the Title component anywhere on your page. By default, the Title field takes the name of the page, but you can change the text, or select a different component variant or data source.


If the page does not have a title in the Content Editor, no text is added when you add the Title component. Then you must manually enter the text.

To add a Title component:

  1. Open the toolbox.

  2. From the Page Content section, drag and drop the Title component on the placeholder that you want to add the Title component to.

  3. To change the text, click on the text that was inserted and start typing.

  4. To use a different data source or component variant:

    • On the floating toolbar, click More, and then click Edit component properties.

      The floating toolbar for the Title component
    • In the General section, click Browse to select a different data source.

    • In the Variant list, select the component variant you want.

  5. Click OK.

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