Edit a field in the Experience Editor

The Experience Editor is a WYSIWYG editor where you can make changes to your website content directly on the page. You can edit all the items that are visible on the page – text, graphics, logos, links, and so on.


When you edit a field in the Experience Editor, be aware that if the field contains associated content, you also change the content on other pages that use the same content.

When you edit the content on a page, you can edit the content in the shared layout or in the final layout:

  • The shared layout contains the content that all versions of the page, in all languages, share.

  • The final layout contains a combination of the specific content for the current version of the page and the content that is specified in the shared layout. This is what your users will see on the webpage.

Depending on the template that your page is based on, the following fields are available:

  • Shared fields that are shared by all versions in all languages.

  • Unversioned fields that are shared by all versions in the same language.

  • Versioned fields that apply only to a specific version of an item in a specific language.


In a version's final and shared layout, you can edit all the field types.

To edit a field in the Experience Editor:

  1. Log in to the Experience Editor and navigate to the page and the field that you want to edit. By default, you are editing the final layout, so make sure you select the relevant version and language of the page.

    • If you want to edit the fields that are shared between different versions of a page, on the ribbon, on the Presentation tab, in the Layout group, click Final Layout, and then click Shared Layout.

      The Layout group on the Presentation tab of the Experience Editor ribbon
  2. Click the field that you want to edit and enter your content. Depending on which type of field you select, you have different options in the floating toolbar that appears. For example:

    • In a simple text field, you can only enter text. The field automatically expands to fit the text you enter.

      A simple text field
    • In a rich text field, you can open a text editor from the floating toolbar. To open the Rich Text Editor and benefit from more advanced editing functionalities, click Edit the text The Edit the text icon.

      The floating toolbar above a rich text field
    • In an image field, you can insert various types of media. These could be animations, film clips, sound files, and so on.

      An image field containing an image
    • In a link field, you can add and edit various types of links, such as internal links, external links, or mail link:

      The floating toolbar above a link field
    • In a Date field, you can set and change the date.

      The floating toolbar above a Date field
    • In a Date Time field, you can set and change the date and time.

      The floating toolbar above a Date Time field
  3. When you have finished editing the field, click Save to save your changes.

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