Publish a content item

When you edit or create new items in XM Cloud Explorer, you must publish your changes so they appear on your website. This lets you save unfinished items and decide exactly when your changes appear on the website.

When you publish an item, the item in the current language version and all related items are published. Related items can be:

  • Content referenced by the item, such as media files or data sources

  • Renderings, layouts, and templates referenced by the item

  • Clones of the item

To publish an item:

  1. In XM Cloud Explorer, click the item you want to publish.

  2. In the field editor, click Publish.

  3. In the Publish dialog, click the relevant publishing options and the relevant languages.

    You can choose between the following options:

    • Smart publish - the selected item is only published if it has changed since the last publication. When you run Smart publish, the selected item is compared with the equivalent item saved on Edge. If the item has changed, it is published.

    • Republish everything - this option takes a longer time, and overwrites everything that was saved on the Edge with all publishable items.

    • Publish subitems - this publishes an item and all of its child items.

  4. Select the language versions of the site for which the item should be published. For example, an item in Danish should be published only for the Danish site.

  5. Click Publish.

Screenshot of the Publish dialog

The content items are published, which means that they are saved on the Edge where they are made available to your website.

In cases where the content item is a newer version of a default item, the latest publishable version replaces the one that was previously published.

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