Sitecore XM Cloud

Access the latest documentation for XM Cloud, a headless, cloud-native, API-first, content and layout management system that can scale based on your needs.


Learn about new features and enhancements to Sitecore XM Cloud.

Build components

Design your brand’s style guide and build visual components in the WYSIWYG editor of XM Cloud Components.

Create websites

Create a website in just a few clicks in the XM Cloud Dashboard Sites.

Design webpages

Edit content and drag-and-drop components on the canvas to create layouts with XM Cloud Pages.

Work with Forms

Create and design forms that are visually appealing and easy to use within a webpage.

Personalize digital experiences

Build web pages with layouts and content customized to different audiences with XM Cloud Pages Personalize.

Analyze digital performance

Take business decisions based on meaningful insights with XM Cloud Pages Analyze.

Create a project and environments

Create an XM Cloud project in the XM Cloud Deploy app using existing code or a foundation template.

Develop the front end with JSS for Next.js

Choose a path for developing JSS for Next.js XM Cloud apps based on your role, workflow, and operating system.

Create a component

Learn to create new React/Next.js components that support XM Cloud Editor features.

Set up your full-stack development environment

Set up your development environment using the repository generated when creating an XM Cloud project in the XM Cloud Deploy App. For Windows users.

Synchronize items between environments

Use CLI serialization commands against local and remote XM Cloud Content Management (CM) environments to keep items in sync.

Deploy your Next.js application to Vercel

Vercel is an all-in-one platform with Global CDNs supporting the deployment and delivery of static and Jamstack apps.

Tooling and integrations

Learn more about tooling and integrations in the Sitecore ecosystem to get the most out of XM Cloud.

Sitecore Cloud Portal

Configure users, roles, and teams, see your Sitecore applications and subscriptions, and more.

XM Cloud Deploy App

Create projects, environments and deployments. Manage access keys.

Sitecore CLI

Perform operations against local or remote XM Cloud instances.

Experience Edge for XM

Use GraphQL to query globally replicated, scaled XM Cloud items, layout, and media.

JavaScript Rendering SDK (JSS) for Next.js

Develop Jamstack-ready front-end applications integrated with XM Cloud.

Cloud SDK

Add tracking, analytics, and personalization capabilities to JSS Next.js apps hosted on XM Cloud.